Monthly Archives: March 2020

11. Been There/Done That: How to Unlearn What You Think You Know

Professor Frank Barrett, jazz pianist and author of Yes to the Mess, returns for an encore. In this episode he talks with Agility at Work co-hosts Mike Wheeler and Kim Leary about how old habits and assumptions stifle creativity in both negotiation and leadership. It’s one thing to recognize the trap, but quite another to wiggle out of it. In our conversation Frank draws on his experience teaching organizational behavior at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He shares training examples from the military to break out of old patterns and spark fresh thinking.

10. Think Twice Before You Lean In

Our guest in this episode is HBS Professor Christine Exley, who has raised a caution flag about the popular notion that women short-change themselves by not negotiating enough. If it were true, the cost would be significant, especially when it comes to salary. But as Christine and her co-authors reported in a recent HBR article (“Women Who Don’t Negotiate Might Have a Good Reason”), the difference between men’s and women’s willingness to negotiate is smaller than commonly thought. And, when women decline to negotiate, they’re often exercising good judgment.